15.10.17 -
The announcement and all documents for the 2018 Copenhagen Dance Cup are now available on the website under Ice Dance Announcement and Solo Dance Announcement.
24.08.17 -
Dates for the next Copenhagen Dance Cup has been announced. The event will take place on March 30th to April 1st 2018.
07.04.17 -
05.04.17 -
Link for starting orders/live results for the competition:
18.03.17 - 
Documents for the 2017 Copenhagen Dance Cup are now available for ice dance and solo dance.

Copenhagen Dance Cup

Copenhagen Dance Cup is an international interclub competition for ice and solo dancers of all ages. The competition is held end of March or beginning of April in Rødovre, Copenhagen.
Pictures from the competitions are available on our Facebook page. If you have any pictures that we may/can use on our Facebook page please forward them to