Documents for the 2018 Copenhagen Dance Cup


Time table (version 1) 2018 (pdf-file)


List of participants 2018 (solodance and ice dance - pdf-file)



Announcement (solodance and ice dance - pdf-file)


Entry form (solodance Age Requirement and Open Competition - Word-document)


Entry form (solodance Adult groups - Word-document)


Entry form (ice dance ISU and non-ISU groups - Word-document)


Entry form (ice dance Adult groups - Word-document)


Payment form (Word-document)


Planned Program Content (Word-document)


Non-ISU Pattern Dances (pdf-file)


Solodance Criteria (pdf-file)


Solodance Pattern Dance Keypoints (pdf-file)



Entry form, Payment form and Planned Program Content is to be returned to before March 1st.









Results from the 2017 Copenhagen Dance Cup

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